The tides of Freelancing

This week, a colleague approached me with a couple of questions about freelancing. He asked about the contract I am using, taxes and the usual technical things.

As we were chatting, he revealed his intentions to become a freelancer to better battle the overhours and pay he was getting from the startup he is working on.

I ended up writing a couple of elaborate answers, here is what I think.


Connecting Apis With Flow

Build an API connector with Flow.

Say you need to consume events and act upon them. There are numerous services that fit this pattern. A recent client of mine wanted just that. In this case it was an API connector, subscribing on events from AMQP, mapping the data to the target API structure and posting to it.


Elli on Elixir

In addition to the answers above, I would like to write up a complete guide on getting knutin/elli to work with Elixir. The above answers are correct, but I needed some more information to get up and running in my new elixir project.